4 Ways to be Kind to Your Mouth this Holiday Season

There is no time of year as busy as the holiday season, and many important routines can be forgotten and discarded during the rush from one party to the next and from one store to another. The average American gains 7 pounds this time of year, but imagine what the excess amount of sweets and sugary beverages (Egg Nog anyone?) can do to your teeth! Don’t neglect the simple things this season, and remember to be kind to your mouth in these simple ways:

  1. Brush every night before bed. It may be easy to remember to brush in the morning, when morning breath is at its worst, but don’t neglect the nighttime routine of a good brushing before you go to bed. Those sweets can wreak havoc on your enamel when left to fester overnight.
  2. Floss. Not once a month, not after a big holiday meal, but every day.
  3. Avoid sugary drinks. There are so many delicious sparkling juices, cocktails, and rounds of egg nog being passed around this year, but allowing all of that sugar to sit in your mouth can be a one-way ticket straight to your dentist when the season is through.
  4. Don’t neglect regular cleanings. By going to the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning, you can prevent costly dental procedures in the future.

No one is perfect during the holidays, so feel free to have a piece of pumpkin pie! Just don’t forget to be kind to your mouth and balance out the seasonal dental damage. The doctors at Aesthetic Family Dental are considered to be the best dentists in Gilbert!  For more tips on how to be kind to your mouth, contact us today.