If a crown cannot save a tooth that needs to be extracted, a bridge is a one tooth replacement option. Bridges are often considered if you are not a candidate for dental implants, which is an incredibly realistic means of replacing natural tooth function. As with any medical procedure, you should discuss your best option for treatment with your provider. Our Doctors will help you decide your best Mesa Dental Care option, between dental implants or a bridge. A dental bridge is the visible portion of the tooth which is secured by the neighboring teeth. It is one of several tooth replacement options, and you and our dentist can discuss the most advantageous method for you. A benefit of a dental bridge is a less surgically invasive procedure and a restoration that takes considerably less time than dental implants. It is sometimes the best option to replace missing teeth when a patient is not a candidate for dental implants. Our dental bridges use the best materials for your unique needs. These materials will provide the strength and structure needed for the area of the mouth that they repair. Modern bridges are advanced Mesa dental work that is very realistic in both form and function, so you can enjoy smiling and eating your favorite foods. Providing Mesa dental work to Gilbert, Chandler and Queen Creek, AZ.