CEREC Single Visit Crowns


Why Do I Need a Dental Crown?

Have you been told you need crowns, Mesa residents? Dental crowns are wonderful restorations that offer highly aesthetic results. A dental crown is recommended when too much tooth structure is lost to treat with a smaller restoration due to decay, fractures, or old fillings. When decay or fractures are identified, they must be removed before the tooth can be restored. If there is already a filling in place with decay or fracturing around it, it too must be removed. At this point, there is not enough tooth structure remaining to restore with another filling. The tooth may need to be built back up for the crown, and ultimately the crown will add additional strength.

CEREC Crowns

One of the major benefits of coming to us is having the option of a same day crown Gilbert locals love. We have a CEREC machine to fabricate our crowns, so crowns are made here in the office and can often be cemented the same day the tooth is prepared for the crown. Most offices send their crowns off to a lab, and labs typically take two weeks to fabricate a crown. In that time, you will have to wear a temporary crown. Temporary crowns are just that – temporary! They are made from acrylic and are made in roughly 30 minutes by hand. They can’t compare to permanent crowns as an ideal fit is difficult to achieve.

Since 2001, Dr. Wallin and Dr. Greding have offered CEREC as an alternative to conventional dental crowns. CEREC is a unique CAD/CAM system that allows the dentist to fabricate ceramic restorations in one visit, typically in around an hour. CEREC uses 3D cameras and sophisticated software to virtually create a new crown from very high strength and completely metal-free ceramics to replace broken or worn enamel. The ceramic used by our office has the closest physical properties to natural tooth structure of any other modern dental material, making it very biocompatible and you’ll be less likely to experience failures which may lead to future crown replacement, root canals, and sometimes extraction of the tooth altogether. The new ceramic crown is then fused permanently to your tooth using high tech bonding systems. Any necessary adjustments can be made to the restoration or crown in the software before the crown is fabricated. This allows for a perfect fit.

When a crown is sent to the lab to be made, impressions of your teeth are sent. With CEREC, the dentist can make all of the necessary adjustments to your crown right there with you present, so your bite, excursive movements, grinding patterns, tooth color, and aesthetics can all be checked.

The Aesthetics of Dental Crowns

If it’s time to schedule an appointment to get your dental crown, Mesa local trust our team to walk them through the process so there are no unanswered questions. One of the major benefits of having ceramic or porcelain crowns done is their highly aesthetic qualities. A shade will be selected before the crown is milled so it very closely matches your natural teeth. Oftentimes, with our precise shade-matching, the crown will be indiscernible to the patient’s eye. Ceramic crowns offer a certain amount of translucency, much like natural teeth, which will also help the crown blend in. We stand by our work and we assure our patients we have the perfect aesthetic solution for all of your dental needs.

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