Dental Implants for Bone Loss Prevention

In years past, when patients required teeth removal, they would be fitted with traditional dentures, partial dentures, and bridges. As a result, the occurrence of bone loss in the upper and/or lower jaw was a common side effect.

Bone loss occurs because when teeth are removed, the jaw bone where the teeth were located is no longer stimulated during the act of chewing, and it atrophies. When the bone atrophies, it causes the structure of the jaw to decrease in size, resulting in premature aging. Within the first year of tooth removal, the bone can atrophy up to 25%.

Dental implants help to decrease the occurrence of bone loss in the jaw. Since the implant is placed directly into the jaw bone, the act of chewing continues to stimulate the bone and reduce the risk of atrophy. The implant needs to be placed in a timely manner to prevent any bone loss.

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