High Quality, Highly Aesthetic Dentures

Here at Aesthetic Family Dental Care, we fabricate highly functional and aesthetic dentures Mesa residents enjoy due to their superior quality. Many people do not consider that dentures are labor-intensive, and require astute attention to detail and a thorough amount of time, just as highly aesthetic crowns and bridges do. Dentures must be fitted to your entire mouth, taking into account your bone structure, the shape of your palate or ridge, the size of your mouth, your midline, and your bite (both classification and pressure) in order to provide patients with a well-fitted, functioning denture. Dr. Wallin and Dr. Greding take great care in the fabrication of dentures, and coupled with our wonderful relationship with our talented dental lab, the quality of oral prosthetics that we are able to produce are unmatched. If it is time to either restore your oral health with a full set of dentures, or replace an old set that no longer fits properly, contact us today!

Denture Design and Aesthetics

Whether you’re considering getting your first set of dentures or you need a dentist who can maintain your current set of dentures, Mesa residents trust the team at Aesthetic Family Dental! There are many things we take into consideration when fabricating dentures to ensure you get the very best result including:

  • Fit – Impressions will be taken to ensure the denture follows the shape of your palate or lower ridge as closely as possible for the ideal fit.
  • Comfort – Part of getting an ideal fit is also ensuring the dentures seat comfortably. When your dentures come back from the lab, we can place a soft liner to ensure a tight fit that is comfortable. Once the liner is dialed in (no areas of too much pressure or too little suction), it will be replaced with permanent acrylic at the lab.
  • Aesthetics – When we make our patients dentures, we will spend time going over the desired aesthetics of the dentures. We will look at the shape to best match your natural smile, as well as color shades – you’ll have instant whitening!

We know you’ll be happy with your dentures when you choose us as your Gilbert denture dentist. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Options for Your Dentures and Partials

Are you currently dealing with dentures or partials that have a poor fit? For the best fit and aesthetics for dentures and partial dentures, Mesa local rely on the team at Aesthetic Family Dental! We know that every person is unique, and therefore every person’s mouth is unique. No two treatment plans are the same! Due to the structure of the palate, bone, and ridges where teeth used to be, dentures and partials may fit very differently from case to case. Some people have bone structure that is more ideal for the fit of partials and denture, while others have bone structure that makes it hard for the denture or partial to have good suction, and therefore a good fit. We have options to get the best fit and a secure fit for your partials and dentures. In many cases, we are able to place implants with “snaps” that engage into the opposite side of the “snap” embedded on the inside of the denture or partial. With this type of option, you’ll be able to bite down into thicker foods with ease. If you’re not a candidate for implants and you have ill-fitting partials, we can design a partial with clasps that allow for a better fit. We’ll find the right solution for your oral health care needs – contact us today!

Denture POST OP Instructions
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Post-Op – Dentures

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