Extractions and Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Mesa

For patients wishing to replace teeth with dental implants, our Doctors perform the actual extractions and will complete necessary bone augmentation as well. That is a major difference from other dentist in the East Valley who place implants. You are most certainly looking for a doctor with experience and training that can ensure the success of your mesa oral surgery. Additionally, our Doctors perform additional oral surgical procedures such as wisdom teeth extractions, full mouth extractions, pre-prosthetic osteotomies, and orthodontic crown exposures. We are the best place to have your wisdom teeth pulled in Mesa, AZ!

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Mesa

No one likes the idea of getting wisdom teeth pulled. Fortunately, we have pulled enough wisdom teeth over our many years in practice and understand the best extraction methods. We take the time and effort to minimize the apprehension many of our patients feel. We do our best to get our patients out of our chair and back to their lives as safely and painlessly as possible. Call our dental office today to speak with us about having your wisdom teeth removed. Providing oral surgery in Mesa , Gilbert, Queen Creek, and entire Metro-Phoenix Valley.

Tooth Extraction POST OP Instructions

Click below to download detailed instructions regarding your care after a tooth extraction. Call us at any time if you have any questions or concerns.
Post-Op – Extractions