Hygiene and Periodontal Therapy

We emphasize prevention with our periodontal therapy and dental hygiene. With our advanced and comfort-enhancing equipment, we can aggressively deter any sign of gum disease, also called periodontitis. Gum disease has been shown to be linked to increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, low birth weight and even a failure of prosthetic hips and knees. For these and other reasons, we have implemented state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment (along with other advanced instruments, including  laser dentistry), to keep you smiling for years to come. Our hygiene team uses conservative techniques to tackle moderate periodontal conditions that used to be treatable only through painful gum surgery.  Using a local antibiotic therapy right at the site of bacterial growth, we can minimize the damage to the surrounding bone and gums. This devotion to preventative treatment and Mesa periodontal therapy should keep you and your mouth happy and healthy for the long run. If our team does discover decay or damage that needs attention, it is because of our priority for prevention and early treatment, for the best preventative dental care around.

Providing Mesa periodontal therapy to Gilbert and Queen Creek, AZ.