Improving Your Smile with Dental Implants

Missing or decaying teeth can cause you embarrassment. You may even be ashamed of your smile. Traditional dentures can be ill-fitting and must be removed every night to be cleaned. If you live an active lifestyle or travel frequently, this can be inconvenient. In addition, traditional dentures or even bridges are not good options for people who only need to replace a single tooth or a few teeth in different areas of their mouth. Bridges can also be inconvenient and may not look as natural as other implant options.

One solution to missing teeth are dental implants. A dental implant is an artificial tooth and root that is placed into your jaw. In order to be a candidate for a dental implant, you should ideally be in good general and oral health. The implant is placed directly into your jaw and under your gum so you need adequate bone in your jaw as well as healthy gum tissue. Implants are put in by a dental team that includes a periodontist and a knowledgeable dentist.

The benefits of dental implants is that they look, feel, and function like your normal teeth. Your smile will be back in top shape and you can brush and floss them normally. Your implant will not need to be removed to be cleaned because it is actually embedded into your gums like a normal healthy tooth. Some varieties can even be whitened for cosmetic enhancement.

The key to making your dental implant procedure a positive experience is to find a specialist you can trust. When it comes to dental implants Gilbert Arizona residents know that Aesthetic Family Dental is both knowledgeable and caring. Call our office today to schedule your consultation. Dental implants will help you get your smile and your confidence back.