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Many adults have been forced to hide their teeth away because they feel ashamed over having missing teeth. What they fail to realize is more people have at least one tooth that has become damaged or is missing altogether.

Rather than continuing to live with the embarrassment of missing teeth, you could have realist dental implants. Our best implants are the closest replacement to a natural tooth, giving you your smile and confidence back.

When you’re in the market for high-quality dental implants, Aesthetic Family Dental Care is there for you. Contact us today to learn more about our best dental implants.

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Implants for missing teeth work similarly to dentures. However, dentures wear away over time and need to be replaced.

Implants, on the other hand, do not decay, unlike dentures. Caring for them is simple as well; cleaning is just like regular teeth, and they can even stand up to a toothbrush or a water pick.

Perhaps the best thing about dental implants is that they don’t break. This is ideal for any patient who has been forced to give up their favorite food and beverages because their teeth can’t hold up.

Taste the food you love again with quality dental implants. They are the smart choice for anyone looking to get their full smile back.

What Are Dental Implants?

Most dentures and false teeth are made of acrylics, plastic, or porcelain. While these look like teeth, they are not meant to last for extended periods of time.

All three of these materials are durable, but still on the softer side. As a result, the same hard and acidic foods and drinks can wear them down.

Even just chewing normally can wear dentures down. In a manner of years, you may need brand new dentures all over again!

Instead, dental implants are made of long-lasting and durable titanium. This medical grade metal is built to last and can outlive all of your natural teeth.

The implant is inserted directly and safely into the bone where the original tooth was. It looks, feels, and performs just as you would expect a tooth to do so.

These false teeth will never fall out, never decay, and no one will even know that they aren’t the real thing.

How Fast Are Implants?

The initial insertion doesn’t take very long at all. However, where it is inserted takes time to heal, usually a span of a few months to about six.

Shortly after, your new tooth is ready to take on anything and everything. In fact, you may even forget it was inserted!

After the healing process, the new tooth is capped with an abutment, ensuring no further damage or decay occurs to the gum line. Your new dental implant will protect your mouth from above and below the implant site.

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If you’re tired of missing teeth, or you are sick of dealing with dentures, dental implants may be the best solution for you. Contact us today to learn how implants can help bring your smile back and schedule your consultation!