Root Canal Therapy

Have you ever heard a friend say “I’d rather have a root canal”, referring to something painful or unpleasant? Root canal therapy today is NOT what is used to be. Our Mesa root canal dentists are very experienced and ensure your comfort, performing endodontic therapy right in our own office without the need for referral to a specialist in the vast majority of cases.

Root canal therapy is usually required when the living part of the tooth (the pulp) is irreversibly damaged or unhealthy. There are a host of reasons why a tooth would need endodontic therapy (dental term for root canal), but treatment is typically determined by symptoms which include pain to biting or pressure, swelling in the gums around the tooth, pain to hot or cold which lingers for more than a few seconds, spontaneous pain in a tooth, discoloration of a tooth, and when decay or broken tooth structure exposes the pulp to saliva.

Endodontic therapy is simply the process of removing the unhealthy pulp and sealing the tooth back up to prevent future infection. Your Gilbert area root canal is usually completed comfortably in a single visit, using advanced techniques and materials. Many times the treated tooth may be completely restored during the same visit using our CEREC technology.

Root Canal Care Instructions

Click below to download instructions regarding your care after your root canal procedure. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.
Post-Op – Root Canal

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