Considering Cosmetic Dentistry? These Are Some Of The Most Common Procedures

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A few years ago, 25% of respondents to a survey admitted that they very often or occasionally avoided smiling over the course of the year because of the condition of their mouth and teeth. Of those respondents, because of teeth problems, 23% were embarrassed, 20% felt anxiety, and 14% reduced social participation.

A lot of people go to the dentist twice a year merely for the medical side of things. While that's a good thing and you should never cease that practice, confidence in your smile is a part of good oral health. As you may have gathered from the aforementioned statistics, teeth problems have socio-emotional comorbidities.

Guess what? You don't want that and neither do we. Cosmetic dental services are all about making your smile as beautiful as the person who wears it (and that's gorgeous). Cosmetic dentists are still dentists, yet they specialize in beautification along with healthy dental care. To get an idea, we're going to quickly walk through some popular procedures that cosmetic dentists perform.


Not the kind of bonding you do with a friend you haven't seen in forever. Cosmetic bonding is for reforming chipped or broken teeth. Synthetic material is bonded to the chipped area, then molded and formed to replace the missing piece of the tooth so it looks as good as new.

Orthodontic straighteners

One of the most common causes for people to hide their smiles is crooked teeth. Modern orthodontic technology allows for relatively quick teeth straightening compared to the lengthy procedures of old. People come in to get a mold taken of their bite and wear invisible straighteners for a period of time that depends on the amount straightening that needs to be done. Straight smile before you know it.


You wear your teeth your whole life, which means they experience a lot. Keeping your teeth white can be much more difficult than consistent brushing, flossing, and rinsing. People love whitening strips, but they're leagues less effective than professional whitening. If you want to amp the shine of your pearly whites, you're in good hands with us.

Cosmetic dentistry is just as important as traditional dentistry is to your oral -- and overall -- health. If you're not satisfied with your smile, step into our office and talk with us. We'll chat about options together you'll be all smiles sooner than you know.

Blake Rossell