Oral hygiene is a critical part of overall health and wellness and as such calls for the same care as other medical concerns. To maintain an excellent level of oral health, it is very important to be seen regularly for your dental cleanings. 


Why use professional Dental Cleaning?

A primary advantage of professional teeth cleaning is its ability to help prevent major dental problems. When your dentist regularly looks into your health, you are able to catch issues early on and address them, and can also prevent them altogether.

What to Expect

When coming for a teeth cleaning here is what to expect:

  • An Oral Examination
  • Scaling - When present plaque sits for a long time, it hardens and forms tartar. The latter is only removable by teeth cleaning through scaling.
  • Scrubbing and Polishing - The dentist will use a powerful electric brush and abrasive toothpaste to smooth out our teeth
  • Fluoride Treatment - The fluoride will help combat bacteria for several months post cleaning.  

Is it expensive?

We offer a streamlined price for cleanings. Schedule a consultation today to get a price and to learn more...

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