Why do women's teeth get to be in such bad shape during pregnancy?


Q: Why do women's teeth get to be in such bad shape during pregnancy? 

A: I do frequently see women whose teeth are in much worse condition after they give birth than before they were pregnant. In fact, there are a number of oral health issues that a mom-to-be should be aware of. At the beggining of the pregnancy, not being able to keep food down from morning sickness often leaves acid in your mouth which will erode the enamel and cause decay. 

Later on, when the baby gets bigger, you find that there is less room in your stomach for food, and you may experience some acid reflux. During these episodes, it is a good idea to use straight baking soda to brush your teeth and gums. This will neutralize the acid. With mal from the gums to swell up around individual teeth. 

Don't be alarmed, although you should have it checked out by your dentist, it will typically go away shortly after the pregnancy.

Lastly, your body has changed it's priorities, putting the growing baby's needs in place of your own. Make sure that you're getting proper supplements that your O.B. recommends or your baby will take nutrients from your existing mineral reserves, such as calcium and minerals from your bones and teeth, leaving them prone to dental disease. 

Author: Dr. Ryan Wallin DDS

Source: Go Gilbert Magazine 

Blake Rossell