What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?


Most people know when they should make a trip to the emergency room, even if they're not sure what's wrong with them. Yet how many of those same people know when it's time to visit an emergency dentist? 

According to Forbes, over 30% of people smile 20 plus times a day, while less than 14% only smile fewer than five times a day. With so many smiles, you'd think everyone had an emergency dentist on call. Realistically, many people don't know what constitutes a dental emergency.

So, to make sure you keep on smiling, here are a few common reasons to utilize emergency dental care

Your Tooth Was Forcibly Removed
Whether it was knocked out, pulled out, or any other force was exerted on it that resulted in it coming out, it requires immediate dental care. If you practice good aftercare and visit a dentist as soon as you can, the tooth can actually be reinserted. "Good aftercare" means cleaning the tooth (being sure not to remove any tissue or scrubbing) and placing it in a cup of milk. 

Your Tooth Is Out of Alignment
If something happens and your tooth get's pushed out of alignment (but is still attached), you will want to visit an emergency dental care facility right away. In the meantime, try to put the tooth back into its original position. Just be sure not to force it back into place or use too much pressure. If you need to, gently bite down to keep your tooth from moving. 

Your Tooth is Chipped
If one of your teeth becomes chipped, it may not constitute a dental emergency. If it doesn't hurt, then you probably don't need to see an emergency dentist and can wait to make an appointment with your regular practitioner. However, if your tooth is cracked or fractured, or if you experience intense pain, then you will need emergency dental care right away. Some fractures can be so severe that the tooth is unable to be saved, in which case it will need to be pulled and replaced. 

If you experience any mouth or facial pain that doesn't subside, these could also be indications that it's time to visit your emergency dentist. Should you choose to wait or avoid the dentist altogether, the damage caused by any of the aforementioned issues could be irreversible. So, if you're dealing with any of these issues, it's important to call an emergency dentist right away. 

If you need emergency dental care or any cosmetic dental care, give us a call today. We can get you back to smiling.

Jeff Raschka