Don't like shots?


Q: I need to get some dental work done, but I keep putting it off because I hate getting shots! They always hurt and I get so sore from them. is there a way to do dental work without getting shots?

A: I believe more people have this fear than any other when it comes to getting dental work done. Most procedures still require the use of anesthesia to make you comfortable. Though the “shot” has not been completely eliminated, there are some exciting advances in dental anesthesia that will make your visit more comfortable.

One advance is in the use of topical gels. There is a new device called Oraqix that delivers a cocktail of anesthesia in a gel form and when placed on the gums provides profound tissue numbness. our Hygienists no longer have to give shots for deep gum cleanings.

There is another advance that will become available early this year called Onset. Anesthetics are acidic while the body is alkaline, so when anesthesia is given the patients feels a “burning” sensation. The Onset device will allow us to buffer (or neutralize) the anesthetic so it is PH neutral. This will take away the “burning” sensation making the shot virtually painless. It will also provide an immediate and deeper numbness assuring you won’t “feel a thing” during the procedure. make sure to ask your dentist if they offer Onset to make your visit painless

Drew Rossell