How does Invisalign® work?


Q: Does Invisalign® really work as well as old fashioned braces?

A: Actually, Invisalign® works really well and can straighten crooked teeth in a wide variety of orthodontic conditions. They will, without a doubt, get every case straighter than before you started. With Invisalign®, you get a new appliance every two weeks instead of having your dentist or orthodontist place a new wire every month or two. Each appliance moves the teeth a little more than the last until you get your teeth where you want them. You must keep them in your mouth literally every second you are not eating or brushing your teeth (many people find that they lose weight because they snack less). However, there are limitations to its ability to get your teeth 100% perfect and if it’s perfectly straight teeth you want, you may need to check out ALL of your options first. I recommend to my patients to have an Orthodontic Specialist determine if they are a good Invisalign® candidate. when Invisalign® treatment is recommended by a General Dentist who doesn’t offer any other options, I wonder if it is really the best choice for the patient. There are a variety of alternatives to traditional braces that your Orthodontist can review with you that van even save money and time. Invisalign® is one that I recommend you discuss with an Orthodontic Specialist.

Drew Rossell