Should you get a second opinion?


Q: Is it a bad idea to get a second opinion on the treatment my dentist recommends?

A: If you ask three dentists the same question, you’ll probably get four different answers. There are a variety of acceptable ways to treat a particular dental condition. Each treatment method carries with it pros and cons and as a patient, how are you to know what those are? Simple… by becoming educated about your options. In this economy, there are many dentist that offer consultations and second opinions at no charge. Dental care can be quite expensive and you shouldn’t feel guilty becoming as educated as possible before you consent to extensive dental treatment. One way to become educated is to ask other dentists and find out what all of YOUR options are, rather than just the options your current dentist offer you (especially in your dentist offers only one options.) I frequently see new patients who have had treatment recommended from other dentist will not be offended when you get a second opinion, but they’ll probably be glad that you care about your smile as much as you do. Bottom line, it is your smile and you are the only one that gets to live with your treatment decisions. Make sure you make the right one.

Drew Rossell