Like dental implants, dental bridges are used to replace a missing tooth, except bridges are supported by the teeth on either side called abutment teeth. Placing bridges serves a restorative purpose, and can fill in gaps in missing teeth to prevent other problems.


Types of Bridges

  • Cantilever bridges are used to replace a tooth that does not have supporting teeth on both sides of the affected area.
  • Maryland bonded bridges include artificial teeth and gums, and are held in place by a metal frame.
  • Traditional bridges are the most common, and literally bridge the gap of an empty tooth space by securing a false tooth using crowns on the teeth on either side.

How long do they last? 

Bridges typically last 8-15 years, and can last even longer depending on how well you take care of your oral hygiene. 

Are Bridges Expensive? 

Dental bridges can cost anywhere from $250 to $2500 a tooth. It all depends on the type of bridge you need, and the placement of the bridge. To find out more schedule a consultation today...

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