Our practice is a metal and mercury-free practice. We offer porcelain inlays and tooth colored restorations and create fillings that are not only beautiful but also add strength to weakened teeth, and provide a comfortable bite.


The benefit of PORCELAIN

Porcelain tooth fillings last approximately five to seven years, with a wide range of pricing. They match the color of your teeth and are more resistant to staining than composite fillings.

More natural

Because of the porcelain material the look is much more natural. Meaning no more gray or discolored teeth in your mouth when you need a filling. The material is also much stronger and will strengthen your tooth. 

What to Expect

After a thorough cleaning and exam we'll be able to determine if there is any cavities that need fillings. We'll then schedule you back to move forward with the procedure, the dentist will numb the tooth area so there is no pain, and clean out the cavity. The cavity will then be filled with porcelain materials, sealed, and then cured.  

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