Dental imaging has big advantages to traditional X-rays the images are more clear, granting our dentists and patients alike a better clinical experience. 


The Difference between Imaging & X-RAy

Although both are similar there is a big difference in the detail. 3D Imaging provides a much higher quality image of our teeth, cheek bones, and if needed skull. 

The Details bring results

The technologies allows the Dr.'s to virtually place implants in preparation for surgical cases. 3D Imaging delivers details that may give extra understanding of any given diagnosis. There is more flexibility to see what is happening in your facial bones and teeth. AFDC was the first office in Arizona and the 5th in the country to have this machine and bring it's benefits to it's patients. 

Why use Imaging

3D Imaging equips our offices with state-of-the-art technology that helps diagnose potential issues more accurately and provide treatment with unprecedented confidence. Unlike a traditional spiral CT scanner, this 3D system utilizes cone beam CT technology and provides precise, crystal-clear digital images while minimizing your exposure to radiation.

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