Laser Dentistry

 Many feel self-conscious when smiling and laughing, embarrassed that their teeth seem too short and their gums seem too long. We use modern technology to reshape gum lines to create stunning smiles. Using our precise soft tissue Laser system, our dentists safely remove excess gum tissues while aesthetically lengthening the look of your teeth.


Is Laser Dentistry right for you?

This procedure helps patients whose gums are uneven or cover too much of their teeth. This may be caused by genetics or the use of certain prescription medications. It can also be appropriate in cases where the patient's gums have receded, exposing more tooth surface than necessary.

How it works

The patient receives a mild local anesthetic to numb the gums, and uses a soft tissue laser to trip away the excess gum tissue.

What is the cost?

Reshaping costs range from $600 to $2000, it all depends on the need of the patient.

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