Dr. Wallin, a cosmetic dentist serving Los Angeles, California & Phoenix, Arizona, practices dentistry with one primary goal: to provide excellence in dental care. Dr. Wallin received his dental education at the University of the Pacific, located in San Francisco, and known for it’s progressive approach to patient care. The “Humanistic Approach” is a way of teaching that each patient is much more than just the teeth we treat and that relationships with our patients are key to understanding the needs of individuals. Dr. Wallin’s practice is modeled after the “humanistic approach” he was taught in school. Dr. Wallin is known for his clinical competence and ethical integrity and loves being able to play a small part in redefining a new level of patient care among some of the best dentists and dental specialists in Los Angeles and Phoenix.

Dr. Wallin began his career in Beverly Hills working alongside world-renowned celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman, known for his regular appearances on ABC’s hit TV show “Extreme Makeover“, as well as the number one guest co-host on the syndicated daytime talkshow “The Doctors“, and many other television appearances. Dr. Dorfman also invented ZOOM! whitening, and authored a New York Times best seller “Billion dollar smile“. Working side-by-side with Dr. Dorfman treating A-list celebrities, musicians, artists, and athletes has set a standard in dentistry that Dr. Wallin strives to maintain on each patient.

After spending a number of years with Dr. Dorfman, Dr. Wallin expanded his practice to Phoenix, Arizona, where he practices with his brother Dr. Ryan Wallin, in their cutting-edge, modern office. Dr. Wallin’s brother, Dr. Ryan has been repeatedly recognized as a “Top Dentist in Phoenix” and a “Top Cosmetic Dentist in Phoenix“, for several years running.

Though Dr. Wallin’s focus is facial-esthetics-driven cosmetic dentistry, he provides comprehensive and general dentistry.

Dr. Derek Wallin just named this year as the 2018 Top Cosmetic Dentist by the Phoenix Magazine. 

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Read some of Dr. Derek Wallin's Reviews:

“Dr. Wallin is a PHENOMENAL DENTIST! He is extremely professional AND VERY PERSONABLE. I truly felt valued in the chair over any other dentist I’ve been to. I WOULD RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE. “
— Scott L. - Austin, TX
“Very friendly AND FUN TO TALK TO...Extremely knowledgeable!!!! I WILL GO BACK every time AND SEE DR. WALLIN. Very HIGHLY recommended!”
— Troy H. - Los Angeles, CA
“NOT ONLY is he incredibly thorough BUT HE REALLY TAKES HIS TIME while being very patient and kind. Just underwent four hours of dental work AND SHOCKINGLY IT WENT BY FAST! I was literally amazed WHEN I SAW THE TIME after it was all said and done!”
— Xoelena T. - Hollywood, CA