What is Cerec? Why Does it Matter?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics technology. In a more traditional method of dentistry, when a patient needed to get a crown done the patient would come back and forth from the dentists office going through 3-4 visits. Additionally patients would have to wait weeks on end for crowns to be ordered and manufactured. Cerec has made it possible for dentists to place a crown within one simple visit.

Cerec also uses advanced digital imaging for determining the crown specifications which creates a better fit and avoids the uncomfortable task of taking impressions. So all in all Cerec Crowns, are more affordable, can be completed in one day, are made of ceramic and have completely changed how crowns are done within dentistry.

Although this new technology has recently become available not all dentists have switched to this technology. Want to take advantage of same day crowns? Call or schedule today.

What is Perio Protect? Why Does it Matter?

Perio Protect is the newest way to fight gum disease and is a solution to going through uncomfortable and painful gum surgery. The procedure is done by using trays that are made to fit, each tray is filled with prescription medication delivering deep below the gum line.

Gum disease has shown to affect the rest of your body and can lead to other serious symptoms or diseases. Treating gum disease with the Perio Protect Method has been shown to reduce the presence of the most damaging affects of gum disease.

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