3 Ways Dentistry can Improve Your Child's Confidence

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Being a kid is hard; whether they're just entering sixth grade or about to graduate high school, it can be difficult to watch your child struggle with self-confidence. Considering the fact 99.7% of adults agree that a healthy smile is imperative to social success, it may be easier than you think to help your child feel more comfortable around their peers. With a little help from a cosmetic dentist, you'll see them grinning in no time. Here are three procedures, performed at most family dental offices, that can make a huge difference:


  • Whitening: You can have perfectly formed, straight teeth and still refuse to show them if the coloring is off. Yellow teeth, stained either from food choices or inconsistent brushing, can make your child never want to speak, let alone smile, in class. Cosmetic dentists are specially trained to lighten the color of your child's teeth in a relatively quick visit -- your child will see results immediately and will already be feeling more comfortable with their teeth.
  • Orthodontics: A common experience for most teenagers, braces can realign the teeth and set them into their correct position, performing a cosmetic and medical service all at once. With their teeth properly aligned, their bite will be corrected, reducing the possibility of chipping or damage as they grow older. If your child is on the older end of the spectrum and unhappy with the idea of wearing braces publicly, there are other options available: clear, virtually invisible aligners can perform the same job without anyone noticing. With their pearly whites now perfectly aligned, you'll find your child smiling more as their attitude and confidence grows to match their grin!
  • Veneers: Sometimes, accidents happen and you need to make a last minute trip to see an emergency dentist. Your child, in all their youthful glory, may have gotten a little too excited and slipped, cracking or chipping one (or a few) of their teeth. Many family dental offices will offer veneers as a way to repair such an accident, but that doesn't mean you can't get them done for cosmetic reasons. Children frequently tend to have gaps in their teeth, and while orthodontic work can correct some of that, it isn't always fail proof. Veneers are also a perfectly valid option for teeth that haven't developed quite properly (sometimes known as snaggle teeth), ultimately serving to give your child the smile they never knew they needed.


You'll be shocked at the transformation you'll see after just one of these procedures, watching your child gain confidence each step of the way. Find a local family dental service today and watch as your child rediscovers happiness.

Jeff Raschka