4 Dental Myths You Should Stop Believing

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Most people take their dental health seriously, particularly because it directly affects the quality of their smile. Your smile is important and showing everyone a healthy, brilliant smile is a goal that many people share. Unfortunately, when you're weighed down by the various rumors and myths about how to achieve a healthy smile, it can be difficult to get there. 

Cosmetic dentists can be useful for people to visit and talk with about this subject, but for at-home dental care, here are a few myths debunked. 


Bleaching weakens teeth

While overbleaching your teeth can, in fact, damage your teeth, following the directions and recommended use is generally harmless to your teeth. Most people worry that using bleach-based tooth whiteners is bad for their teeth because of the "stripping" qualities, but it isn't really stripping away enamel, just the stains. 


Don't brush if your gums bleed

Naturally, you want this one to be true. It makes sense that if your gums are bleeding, you should leave them alone, and it gets you out of brushing your teeth until your gums heal. However, bleeding is often a sign that you need to brush more, not less. Plaque and particles can clog your gum line and make them bleed, so it's important to brush your teeth thoroughly, even if they're bleeding. It's also important to floss every day, but you should brush and floss gently to avoid damage. 


Bad breath is due to poor oral hygiene

Only in certain circumstances can bad breath be attributed to poor oral hygiene and is most commonly caused by other factors. Dry mouth, sickness, and diet are all typical variables that can be the cause of bad breath. Ask your dentist if your bad breath continues and they might be able to give you a proper cause. 


You can't find a good Dentist in Mesa, AZ

This is simply false. You can find a dentist Mesa AZ trusts and utilizes for all cosmetic and emergency dental needs. Roughly 127.6 million adults in the U.S. visited a dentist in 2017, and many in the Mesa area visited us! All you need to do is pick up the phone and call.

Looking for a dentist Mesa AZ trusts for all of their cosmetic and emergency dental work? Give us a call today.

Jeff Raschka