3 Reasons To Improve Your Smile


Many people feel that focusing on image is shallow and doesn't let one value the person behind it. However, the fact is that your appearance is your first impression. For example, if you showed up to a job interview for a regional manager position at a major company in a dirty shirt and stained tie, the interviewer would be less than impressed. The same is true for your teeth. Below are 3 reasons why to find a dental practice that will help you work on your smile.

1. Career

While this may seem rather strange, your smile does matter when trying to advance your career. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry conducted a survey about good smiles in the workplace. The study found that 74% of adults feel that an unattractive smile can hurt their career. A stained smile shows co-workers that you slack off while taking care of yourself, and correlate that with the amount of effort that you put into your job. Also, a smile that is well taken care of projects confidence, which is a very important quality in a prospective promotee, especially since greater than 30% of people smile more than 20 times every day (According to Forbes). Finding a good dentist is therefore important for your career. Making the call for an appointment with a dental practice could really pay off in the long run in terms of your career.

2. Romance/Social Life

Whether you are single, dating, engaged, or married, your smile can be one of your most attractive or unattractive qualities. The AACD also found that, even over the age of 50, more than half of people surveyed said that one's smile is still their most attractive quality. Just like the career section stated, imagine showing up to a date with a man (Or Woman) and they wore wrinkled, dirty, stained clothes. Just like stained clothes show that one doesn't put effort into grooming themselves, a stained smile can give the same impression during a date. Your date might wonder if, since you don't take care of your teeth, you may not take care of them in the future (If there is one). A good smile also projects confidence, something that most people find attractive. During a survey taken in 2015, 25% of those surveyed admitted to avoiding smiling "Very often or occasionally" during the prior year because of the way that their mouth and teeth looked. About 23% used the word "Embarrassed" to describe the way they felt about their teeth problems. 20% reported social anxiety due to the condition of their teeth, and 14% reduced their social participation due to the condition or appearance of their teeth. If your teeth don't look good and you notice, you will likely be self conscious about your smile, making you not look confident. If you don't appear confident, you could appear less attractive to a date. Thus, cosmetic dental treatments can help you increase your confidence regarding dating and socialization.

3. Health

Excluding outward appearances, dental health is still important. While much of your dental health can be maintained by simply brushing and flossing the appropriate amount at home, professional dental care is still important. Also, establishing a relationship with a dentist can be important especially if you plan on having a family in the future. Even if the dental practice you visit does not offer family dental care, they may be able to recommend someone who does. Seeing a dentist would also set a good example for any future children.

According to a survey, in 2017, approximately 127.6 million U.S. adults visited a dental practice. Help the country up that number by scheduling an appointment today

Drew Rossell