Can Crooked Teeth Damage Your Health?


Can Crooked Teeth Damage Your Health?

Though it might seem like having crooked teeth is a surface-level issue, the problems pertaining to this condition go far deeper than one might expect. No longer are crooked teeth considered a simple cosmetic issue. Here are some of the primary ways crooked teeth can impact your health and how a dentist Mesa AZ trusts can help.

Hygiene issues

Even if you brush your teeth for the recommended two minutes in the morning and two minutes at night, people with crooked teeth typically suffer from oral hygiene issues more than their straighter-toothed counterparts. This is because crooked teeth form hard-to-reach cracks and gaps which are difficult to clean. Even flossing becomes more difficult as you navigate around crooked teeth. As such, people with crooked teeth typically have to put more effort into their dental care routine, or else they might find themselves due for an emergency dental care visit.

One of the primary side effects of crooked teeth is bad breath. However, if regular visits to your local dentist aren't performed, you could suffer from gingivitis, tooth decay, or even tooth loss as a result. Though it's estimated that 91% of adults in the U.S. suffered from cavities in 2012, this number is typically higher among those with crooked teeth.

Other body issues

While crooked teeth can adversely impact your oral health, it can also affect other areas of your body in a negative way. For example, crooked teeth might contribute to malformation of your jaw or lead to health issues like TMJ or frequent migraines. Crooked teeth can also strain your jaw muscles, putting you at an increased risk for breaking a tooth down the line.

Social and mental health

As much as we hate to admit it, our smile plays a huge role in our self-confidence. Why else would countless Americans invest in tooth whitening products and cosmetic dental services? When we have whiter, straighter teeth, we simply feel better about ourselves. Everyone deserves to have a happy, healthy smile that they love.

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